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Announcing Tweeteorites

Tweeteorites, our Twitter favorites tracker, is now live! This project has been exactly 2 months in the making, and is finally at the point where I think it’s usable.

What is it? If you’re a Twitter user, you know that you can mark individual tweets as favorites. It was always really frustrating to me that I could never see what my friends were “favoriting” though. So, Tweeteorites scans through all of your friends’ tweets, building timelines of what your friends are favoriting.

Another frustration for me was that it was hard to know who to follow on Twitter. So, I built a system that analyzes who you’re following, who your friends are following, and what they’re all favoriting. Then, it recommends the people it thinks you’d be most interested in following. Basically, the people you might get the most enjoyment out of following.

That’s the short description! There’s more exciting stuff coming soon, so I’ve got to get back to work!

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