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Email Invitations and Follow Notifications

Since our soft launch of Amidst, I’ve been busy fixing bugs and adding user-requested features. Starting today, I’ll start blogging the new things we’ve added…

So, to start off, a minor but important feature has been added for inviting your friends via email. The emails are short, to the point, and will only be sent to an email address once.

Also, we now send an email notice when you follow them. Unlike Twitter, however, we only send this follow notification once. This avoids the awkward situation when you un-follow someone for a time, then re-follow them and they get an email which lets them know you haven’t been paying attention to them. We debated a bit between doing things this way or with a “pause” button, ala Merlin Mann’s suggestions. Ultimately, though, we think this is a pretty clean way to do it. It solves the problem without new UI, and prevents the downsides of the re-follow problem. Notifications can be turned off altogether in your settings.

More features are on the way soon!

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